Why Construction Company Should Be Using Managed Service

Why Construction Company Should Be Using Managed Service

In this day and age, IT is an integral part of business. Some business can run without IT but some just can’t. If you are in a architectural, engineering or constructions, chances are that you are not able to work without IT.

For a small business with less than 50 users, it’s probably doesn’t make sense for you to hire a full-time IT personnel to manage and maintain your IT but IT is crucial to your business. This has been the dilemma for many small businesses. Some engaged part-time or freelance IT personnel but they are not always available all the time since they most probably are working for someone else full time.

When your system is down and your employees or contractors unable to perform their work, you will want to call some one that is available to fix your issue quickly. It is more apparent when you are hiring people or contractors and they charged you per hour (most common in engineering, project management and constructions industry). They will still charged you for their time but you are not able to get anything out from them.

Cost of a Downtime for an Engineering/Construction Project

Here is a simple calculation of the cost of a downtime

Jr Draftman/Cadder: RM 1800/month (~RM 11/hour)
Sr Draftman/Cadder: RM 3500/month (~RM 22/hour)
Engineer: RM 3800/month (~RM 22/hour)
Sr Engineer: RM 8000/month (~ RM 47/hour)
Project Manager: RM 15000/month (~RM 87/hour)

Above is an estimated average salary of key person in an engineering company. 

Let assume that your file server which host all your project files is down for 8 hours.The total cost of downtime would be as below.

(Salary for each person) x (number of hours downtime) = total cost of downtime
(RM 11 + RM 22 + RM 22 + RM 47 + RM 87) x (8 hours) = RM 1512 (40 manhours)

This is if you have 1 for each position. Imagine if you have more staff and contractors working for you! How much a downtime will cost a project. That will definitely eat up your profit margin.

Cost of Hiring an IT Personnel

A minimum IT personnel salary is around RM 2000 per months, that’s RM 24,000 per year.

Other Benefits:

  • EPF/Socso
  • 16 days annual leaves
  • 14 days medical leaves
  • performance bonus
  • insurance
  • training
  • working space, computer and softwares

It can easily cost you around RM 30,000 to RM 40,000 per year just to maintain an IT personnel.

At Infinite Logixwe have a pool of qualified experienced resources  24×7 dedicated to ensure that you won’t be getting those “unexpected” costly downtime.

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