OpenMesh: Meshing between OM & A series

OpenMesh: Meshing between OM & A series

OpenMesh is a series of Cloud Managed Networking Products which consists of Wireless AP, switches as well as routers.

When designing your wireless service for you organization, make sure that the products suggested is compatible with each others.

There is an article in OpenMesh website informing that OM5P-AC does  it is not recommended to use this particular AP for meshing.

All OM series and A series access points can mesh with each other as long as they are capable of running 6.4.x firmware. Some of the A42 and A62 models require 6.4.x firmware and cannot be downgraded to 6.3.x firmware. The meshing protocol changed between 6.3.x and 6.4.x firmware so as long as an OM access point can run 6.4.x firmware there should not be any issues meshing. We recommend against using the OM5P-AC as a mesh gateway or repeater because it has a smaller antenna and the least range of all of our access points. Technically it can still mesh but the results are often less than desirable.

In the following Help Center article you will find a list of access points and their latest possible firmware supported. The TBD indicates that the last supported firmware has yet to be determined and so those models can run 6.4.x firmware.
Open Mesh End of Life Policy and Product Matrix