Exchange 2013: Exchange Admin Center (EAC) blank

Exchange 2013: Exchange Admin Center (EAC) blank

Recently¬†we have extra servers in our environment idling for quite sometime and since I’m also have some extra time that I can squeeze out of my day, I decided to test Exchange 2013. Sadly, after almost¬†18 months it was released I’m able to test it fully.

The installation is a breeze since Microsoft have simplified the Exchange 2013 server roles as in Exchange 5.5 – 2003 with only 2 roles, CAS & Mailbox. Anyway, installation part will be in another post.

One of the major changes in Exchange 2013 is that there is no more EMC (Exchange Management Console) and that’s really a good news for me as I have always hated using EMC due to the time it takes to present the information and lack of filtering feature as well as details information. It has been replaced with Exchange Admin Center or EAC.

I believe the most common issue for someone who testing Exchange 2013 is, you don’t know how to access EAC and when you have the address you are getting a blank screen.

How to access EAC



if you are getting a blank screen

open your Exchange Management Shell (EMS) and run this command

Get-EcpVirtualDirectory | FL *URL*


Look for the InternalURL and copy and paste into your browser. Voila! You will get the the interface as in the 1st screenshot!