How to create a secure and easy to remember password?

It’s the end of year 2018 and 2019 is just few days away. Ushering the new year, I have sudden enlightenment to share my thoughts in creating a secure and easy to remember password. I will also share how do I managed and use my password for personal usage. Being a Managed Service company focusing […]

DHCP won’t Start on RODC

Hey All, Just want to share with you some problem I faced with running DHCP on a RODC. When you install a DHPC role on a server, it will create a local group name “DHCP Administrators” and also “DHCP Users”. RODC is a new & exciting features on Windows Server 2008. ( Now, we don’t […]

Icaclient Error on Ubuntu

I know some user will get this error. I’m writing this as a reminder to myself as well as sharing the solution with other people. If you getting the error below, here is the steps to resolves this ( “You have not chosen to trust “ Secure Server Certification Authority:, the issuer of the server’s […]

Unable to Launch Excel From Sharepoint

If you getting the below error when trying open an excel from a sharepoint library, the the issue might be because you don have the Sharepoint OpenDocument class as you add-on. These can be caused by either you are using 64bit version of the IE or the add-on is not there. Solution – just use 32bit version of IE or […]