Tips Zoho Mail – Filtering

Tips Zoho Mail – Filtering

What is filtering?

Are you having trouble managing and organizing your emails?

If your answer is yes, filtering will save the day. Using filter will allow you to:

  • Categorize your emails by tags
  • Move any emails to another folder
  • Mark your email as read
  • Automatically delete, forward or archive received emails

How to apply filter?

1) Tags

Tagging your emails will help you categorize your emails. Then, you can view emails with a specific tag. There are 2 options to apply the tag. The first one is tag manually and the second one is tag automatically by using filter setting.

Option 1: Apply manually

Step 1: Add new tag

Log in to your account on Zoho Mail. Under tags, click the “+” icon to add new tag.

Step 2: Enter tag name, choose colour and save

Step 3: Apply tag to emails

Tick the required email > tag as > choose tag

Option 2: Apply automatically to current & incoming emails

To do this, we need to specify a condition so that every incoming email will be filtered.

Step 1: Create new tag name

Tags > Create new > enter name & choose colour > save

Step 2: Go to filter setting

Settings (gear icon) > Scroll down > Click Filters

Step 3: Create filter

Click New filter > Enter filter name > Select condition type > Select the condition(s) > Choose action > Save

2) Move to folder

You can also move your email to any folder of your choice automatically using filter.

Step 1: Create folder

Create the required folder if you haven’t created it yet, skip to step 2 if you have.

Login > Click the “+” beside folder > Enter folder name > Choose where you want to put it under

Step 2: Create filter

Go to Settings > Filters > New filter > Enter filter name > Enter the condition > Choose the action > Save


You can do a lot of filtering besides the examples here. For instance, you can automatically mark as read/delete an email that contains the word “promotion”. You can also specify more than one condition in one filter like tags + move to folder.

You can play around with filters to see the full extent of this feature.

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