Tips Zoho Mail – Using calendar

Tips Zoho Mail – Using calendar

Zoho Mail comes with great scheduling features such as Calendar. By using the calendar features will allows you to do the following:

  • to create appointments or events.
  • to manage your time.
  • to share the calendar with people anywhere and anytime.

1) How to create appointments or event.

Step 1: Login to your Zoho Mail account. Click the calendar symbol at the left side of your taskbar.

Step 2: you can choose either click “New Event” or the date you want on the calendar view.

Option 1: Click “New Event” button

Step 1: click the button

Image 1

Step 2: fill the desired information for the appointments or events.

Step 3: choose who will be participated in the event.

At the right side, you can select who will attend the events by fill in the email of the attendees.

Step 4: click “Save” when you’re done entering the appointment information.

Option 2: click on the date you desired for the events.

Step 1: click on the time and date you want to hold the events.

For example, click on 28th February at 3 pm.

Step 2: enter the desired information for the appointments or events. Then click “Create”. The event will automatically create on your calendar view.

You can edit the details by clicking the event. Then choose “edit”.

The same interface as Image 1 will appear. Repeat Step 2 – 4 in option 1.

2) How to share the calendar.

Step 1: right click on the desired calendar you want to share.

Step 2: choose “share”

Step 3: Enter the email of people you want to share. Then click “Share”.

You can also share either with an individual or group. Just change the icon individual to group.

Then select the group you want to change. Then click “Share”.

3) How to create group calendar.

Step 1: click “+” sign at Group Calendar.

Step 2: enter the desired information for your group.

You can choose your calendar color and text color too. To add members, just enter their email address. Then click “Save”.