DHCP won’t Start on RODC

Hey All, Just want to share with you some problem I faced with running DHCP on a RODC. When you install a DHPC role on a server, it will create a local group name “DHCP Administrators” and also “DHCP Users”. RODC is a new & exciting features on Windows Server 2008. (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc753223(WS.10).aspx) Now, we don’t […]

Unable to Launch Excel From Sharepoint

If you getting the below error when trying open an excel from a sharepoint library, the the issue might be because you don have the Sharepoint OpenDocument class as you add-on. These can be caused by either you are using 64bit version of the IE or the add-on is not there. Solution – just use 32bit version of IE or […]

Ms Exchange Dirty Shutdown: Explained and Troubleshooting

I’ve been using Microsoft Exchange 2003 and playing with it for almost 4 years and during these 4 years, I have encounter many kind of issues involving this product. And the father of all this “issues” is exchange database “Dirty Shutdown”. This is by far the worst and most common issues that I’ve heard or […]

Exchange 2010 : Check Exchange Service & Start/Stop Service

We had an issue yesterday where some of our exchange services was stopped. You can easily check this using these command from Exchange Management Shell (EMS)  for Exchange 2010. Test-ServiceHealth Screenshot of the command from CAS/Hub Transport servers Screenshot of the command from Mailbox servers Take note on the “ServicesNotRunning”. Here is the command you need to […]

3 reasons why Exchange Management Console (EMC) Very Slow loading

I have been getting this issue multiple times in my working life and I always forgot to put this up in the blog for future reference. Since, I’m getting this once again while troubleshooting an issue for a client, I decided to put this up. There are multiple reason why your EMC loading very slowing […]

Exchange 2013: Exchange Admin Center (EAC) blank

Recently we have extra servers in our environment idling for quite sometime and since I’m also have some extra time that I can squeeze out of my day, I decided to test Exchange 2013. Sadly, after almost 18 months it was released I’m able to test it fully. The installation is a breeze since Microsoft have simplified […]

Domain Controller Missing SRV in DNS

I was assisting a client of mine on their issue with a new DC that they have install on a remote site. Suffice to say that the new DC is not properly deployed causing a lot of issues such as replication and AD DB inconsistent. So, I assisted them to make it right. One of […]

How To Get FSMO Roles Using PowerShell

Get-ADForest <domain_name> | Format-Table SchemaMaster,DomainNamingMaster Get-ADDomain <domain-name> | Format-Table PDCEmulator,RIDMaster,InfrastructureMaster

Convert Windows Server Evaluation to Server Standard

Windows Server evaluation usually last for 180 days and there are times when you install a Windows Server using the evaluation version and decided to move the server to production.  So how do you do it? For each and every Microsoft editions, there are different ID and Windows Server Evalution has it’s own edition ID. […]

Windows Updates service did not work on Windows 2008 server

We have a few Windows Server 2008 in our customer environment. Few months back, we have an issue with Windows Updates service did not work on Windows 2008 server. This has caused a concerns by our customer. We have decided to share this as we have faced this issue 2 or 3 times before. Cause […]