Tips Zoho Mail – Filtering

What is filtering? Are you having trouble managing and organizing your emails? If your answer is yes, filtering will save the day. Using filter will allow you to: Categorize your emails by tags Move any emails to another folder Mark your email as read Automatically delete, forward or archive received emails How to apply filter? 1) Tags […]

Tips Zoho Mail – Using calendar

Zoho Mail comes with great scheduling features such as Calendar. By using the calendar features will allows you to do the following: to create appointments or events. to manage your time. to share the calendar with people anywhere and anytime. 1) How to create appointments or event. Step 1: Login to your Zoho Mail account. Click the […]

How to create a secure and easy to remember password?

It’s the end of year 2018 and 2019 is just few days away. Ushering the new year, I have sudden enlightenment to share my thoughts in creating a secure and easy to remember password. I will also share how do I managed and use my password for personal usage. Being a Managed Service company focusing […]